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Team Building Training for corporates

At IPSSR, our Team Building Workshops are very powerful, where we change the perception of executives and employees, how they need to perceive the organization as a Team.

Team Building and Team Work is the source of any success. When people work in a team they work less with increased productivity. At IPSSR we focus on Team Building Training though activities which enables the participants to experience the power and potency of team work. And with this they tend to bond too.

Our Team Building Training starts with differentiating between Team and Crowd. Individuals generally believe that if they are together in the same department or under the same leader they become a team. This is a myth, they can be together in the same department but may be working as a crowd rather than a team.

At IPSSR our team Building Training Workshop, focuses on this fundamental aspect and our entire team building training is based around that. Our Team Building Training also emphasises on learning from the Animal Kingdom. Simple, yet powerful questions like why is Lion Called the King of the Jungle etc compels the participants to think beyond their concepts and understanding of team building.

The basis of any organization is Team Building. Promoters come and go but an organization's life is totally dependent on its teamwork. Team building ensures not only smooth functioning of any organization, but it also takes a step forward and strengthens the relationship with the clients as well. An organization can perform well if the people involved understand the essence of Team Building and are ready to do away with their individualistic approach.

Teams are not built in a day but they are continually formed on the basis of leadership and sensitivity towards the co-workers and clients. We at IPSSR provide inbound and outbound experiential Team Building workshop, which leaves most people awestruck, and they are even more connected to their own selves and thereby to the team.

Contents included :

  • Team Dynamics
  • Team work and Team leading
  • Delegation of work and self Development.
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Understanding individuals
  • Assessment of training needs and Schedule of training.