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Motivation Training for corporates

Motivation or Self Motivation is an art. People need Motivation when they feel they are in their lowest ebb of life and nothing is working for them.

The feeling of despair, hopelessness and helplessness is strong and the person starts gaining the conviction that how things will not be good for them.

At IPSSR under our promoter Dr. Kapil Kakar (Psychologist), we understand the nuances of Motivation and Self Motivation very Closely. Our Motivation Training Program doesn't stop till motivation, but it also extends to how participants can motivate others too.

Our Motivation Program is a blend of Activities, Self Introspection and Self Assessment through Psychometric Testing and Inventories. We have Motivated the lack of students and we also run a Youtube channel Psychology for Success to Motivate People.

Please find below the video on ' About Motivation' . Hope you like it