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Personality Test



Given below there are some questions to see what interests you have and how you feel about certain situations. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers as every individual has the right to their views especially when we are living in a democratic country. All you have to do is answer what is true for you.

There are three possible answer to each questions. You should either answer "Yes" or "No", (or "A" or "B"), by marking (X) in the appropriate box. Mark the last answer "C" only when it is impossible to say "Yes" or "No".

While Answering Keep the following rules in mind.

1. Only Answer that is true for you. It is best to say what you think is true.

2. You have 1 Hr to answer, though mostly people are able to finish in 40 minutes.

3. It's best to give the first answer that comes to you therefore don’t take too much time on each question.

4. Any every item, don’t skip any item.

5. You should mark the (A) or ( B) answer most of the time. Mark the last (C ) answer only when neither (A) or (B) seems to be right for you.

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1. I don’t like long discussions with people who have ideas about serious, intellectual things.
  A)   TRUE          B)   FALSE         C)   UNDECIDED   
2. If my banker made a careless mistake, and didn’t charge me for something I should have paid, (A) it would not be my business to inform him, (B) I would feel I should tell him and pay,(C) uncertain.
  A)            B)           C)  
3. I feel I need my friends more than they need me.
  A)   TRUE              B)   FALSE           C)   UNCERTAIN  
4. I respect good values, manners and ettiquettes more than certain other traits present in people.
  A)   YES          B)   NO           C)   UNDECIDED  
5. Society should be guidede by logics rather than emotional beliefs.
  A)   YES            B)   NO          C)   UNDECIDED  
6. I have never done daring things just for enjoyment. (A) true, I never have, (B) False, I have, (C) sometimes.
  A)            B)           C)  
7. Sometime I have an urge to pick up argument or fight with someone just for the sake of it.
  A)   YES          B)   NO           C)   CAN'T DECIDE  
8. If my friends leave me I : (A) make a fuss out of it, (B) take it calmly, (C ) uncertain.
  A)   YES           B)   NO           C) CAN'T DECIDE  
9. "Large" means the same as:
  A)   FAT           B)   TALL          C)   BIG  
10. I would rather enjoy my life quietely in my own way rather than being admired for my achievements.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE          C)   UNCERTAIN  
11. Raising funds for a good cause is : (A) enjoyable activity, (B) unpleasant activity, ( C) undecided.
  A)             B)           C)  
12. My efficiency and mood is generally not affected by weather changes.
  A)   TRUE          B)   FALSE          C)   SOMETIMES  
13. I like organising social activities, team or club.
  A)   YES            B)   NO          C)   SOMETIMES  
14. I like joining social groups.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE          C)   NOT VERY KEEN  
15. I pretend to like someone even when I dislike them.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE          C)   SOMETIMES  
16. Servant or someone similar keeping me waiting.
  A)   EMBARRESS ME            B)   MAKE ME FEEL RIGHT          C)   UNCERTAIN  
17. I take decisions slowly rather than decide quickly logically by reasoning.
  A)   TRUE            B)   FALSE          C)   UNCERTAIN  
18. I like to play jokes on people without any ill- feeling towards them.
  A)   TRUE            B)   FALSE          C)   UNCERTAIN  
19. If I make a silly mistake I soon forget it.
  A)   YES            B)   NO          C)   SOMETIMES  
20. I often lose control over my feelings and emotions.
  A)   YES            B)   NO          C)   SOMETIMES  
21. Even during troubled times, my enthusiasm is normally high.
   A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
22. I am more sensitive to environment and surroundings than most people.
   A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
23. I am quiet upfront in telling people my feelings and ideas, and I never regret it.
   A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
24. I like vivid, true to life movie scenes.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
25. Which one of the following word does not match with others.
  A)   ZIGZAG           B)   WIDE         C)   STRAIGHT   
26. I enjoy the company of animals like- cats, dogs etc.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
27. To get an interesting argument moving forward, I believe in politely telling people what is wrong with their ideas.
  A)   GENERALLY           B)   NEVER         C)   OCCASIONALLY   
28. I feel restless as if I want something but do not know what.
  A)   OFTEN           B)   VERY RARELY         C)   OCCASIONALLY)  
29. In a small group, I prefer to observe and let others do the talking.
  A)   YES, MOSTLY           B)   NO, NEVER         C)   SOMETIMES  
30. If I am asked to work for a charity, I would: (A) generally accept, (B) say I am too busy", (C ) ocasionally accept it.
  A)             B)           C)  
31. I don’t like people to say I am different or peculiar.
  A)   TRUE, I DON’T           B)   FALSE, I DO         C)   UNCERTAIN   
32. I like to direct others in their work.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   OCCASIONALLY   
33. I believe in smart work rather than hard work.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   UNDECIDED  
34. If I could be imparted right training, I would rather be: (A ) a manager in a company, (B) a guidance counselor for young people, (C ) None of the above.
  A)             B)           C)  
35. I am not vey considerate towards others.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   SOMETIMES  
36. I would prefer to spend time fishing or gardening rather than watching car or horse races.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
37. One should take fast action when deciding on a practical .
  A)   TRUE,ALWAYS           B)   NOT AS A RULE         C)   SOMETIMES   
38. When something really makes me angry, I calm down fast.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   UNDECIDED   
39. When one small thing after another goes wrong, I (A) carry on as usual, (B) feel discouraged,(c ) can't say.
  A)             B)           C)  
40. If I know that an operation is being done on an animal for good cause it does not upset me.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
41. During School days and probably even today I prefer (A) Mathematics (B) English or literature, (C ) uncertain.
  A)             B)           C)  
42. In my next life I would prefer to lead: (A) Same kind of life, (B) more comfortable life (c ) can't say.
  A)             B)           C)  
43. I consider myself as a socialble, outgoing person.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   CAN'T DECIDE  
44. My family members show quickly their irritation over small things.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   SOMETIMES  
45. Most people would try to derive maximum benefit if they were not afraid of being caught.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   MAY BE  
46. I can put worries and responibilities out of mind whenever I want.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   SOMETIMES  
47. I have practiced to be very patient with people.
  A)   YES           B)   NO         C)   SOMETIMES  
48. People often are likely to fool themselves in order to gain profit.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   MAY BE  
49. When I have to convey my disagreement, I stay calm and am not nervous.
  A)   TRUE           B)   FALSE         C)   UNCERTAIN  
50. I see many emotional dreams that leaves me disturbed when I wake up.
  A)   OFTEN           B)   ALMOST NEVER         C)   SOMETIMES