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My Experience in Corporate Training By Dr. Kapil Kakar

When the Child is Born

Training starts from the day a child is born, we may call it informal training where no certification is given to the child but the certification is in the form of how the child responds while growing. And then the formal training starts in schools and colleges where marks evaluate the child's progress and one day the child in the form of an adult is recruited in some organization/ corporate.

Expectations from Corporates and Corporate Training

While working in corporates, the corporate training workshops are expected to hone and upscale the employees skills. These training may sound formal but there are no formal marks given to the child, which can be counted in the Annual Appraisal.

In fact in corporate training the Participants are expected to rate their training experience with the trainer rather than asking trainers and recording their feedback and using it in Assessment.

Real corporate training Story

I remember in one of my two day corporate training workshops, I found a participant who was too self righteous and his value system was very different from the value system of the society in general. And he was extremely boastful of his value system.

I spoke to the HR ead there and he said while this employee is different but he is near perfect at his work. I warned the HR to be careful with him as he can wrongly influence the people in the organization.

After six months I got a call from the HR head that I was right and there are several complaints against that participant. And they wanted my feedback to substantiate and take action against them.I gave my honest feedback but the point that I am trying to make is larger.

Why Corporate Training Workshops Conducted?

Why do organizations conduct Corporate Training Programs, Corporate Training Workshops, Corporate Training Events, Corporate Training Seminars, Corporate Training Annual Meets, outbound corporate training etc.

Is it to only falsely satisfy themselves, that learning has not ended in their organization and they believe both in spirit and essence of learning hence corporate training is what they consistently do along with Seminars and Corporate Sales Meets.

True essence of Corporate Training workshops and programs are still to be achieved. I have come across Many HR people who conduct workshops but even they along with their bosses do it as a mere formality. they don't understand even the basic concepts of Corporate Training and for them the only objective is that the feedback should be good, so that it justifies their effort.

Corporate Training in India Needs a Big Transformation

Corporate Training in India needs many changes and those changes are required today rather than leaving on tomorrow. HR has the last say in most organizations, no matter how people friendly an organization may claim to be. Sales, Marketing, Production, and Finance are respected more than HR.

HR are mostly assigned with the role of recruitment (arranging interviews) and getting Corporate Training conducted (Good Venue, Food, Transport etc). Hence, unless organizations will not take HR seriously, HR shall not take Corporate Training seriously and this eyewash of corporate training Workshops, Corporate Training Events, Corporate Training Seminars, Corporate Training Annual Meets, outbound corporate training etc shall continue.

(The Author is a Psychologist, International Behaviour Trainer with more than 20 Years Experience and Training more than 3 Lac People. He can be contacted through website www.corporatetrainingindia.net or email drkakar@ipssr.com or on 9873099982)