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You should not have any favorites and need to behave equally with everyone. This will allow others to respect your decisions, says Dr Kapil Kakar

We have heard time and again that one needs to be efficient to be successful in life. However, in today\'s world, to be more productive and less stressed, one needs to be effective and not efficient. The difference between the two is that an efficient individual does ‘things right’ whereas, the effective individual does ‘right things’.

Anticipate: An efficient individual lives in the present facing life as it comes, trying to fight and control things which perhaps he did not anticipate, whereas, an effective individual leads a proactive life anticipating impediments and finding solutions. It is imperative that each one of us live in the present, but the quality of that present glory, or challenges would rest on our past.

Be non-tactful: An efficient person is tactful, and uses clever policies, but an effective person is strategical. One may use various tactics to get his work done, but it is more of a stop gap arrangement, and may not last in the long run. Also, using tactics have a very high probability of spoiling relationships in the future. On the other hand, an effective person uses ways and methods which are clear, transparent and essentially based on mutual benefit and respect and helps to work out a win-win situation.

Consistency: An effective person is consistent with everyone around and does not blindly rely on principles. As an effective person, you should not have any favourites and need to behave equally with everyone. This will allow others to perceive you as neutral, and they would respect your decisions as unbiased and fair.

Thinking unit: An effective person is not a thinking individual but is a thinking unit. As an effective person, all your decisions should be taken in a team and with all the people who it may concern, like in a family decision, involve all the members of your family and take their suggestions. Usually, one tends to subconsciously take the decisions individually, fearing more suggestions. But an effective person finds opportunity of better ideas through suggestions by others.