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Use the festive mood to end all grievances and make this season a memorable one so that you and your family look back to this time with pleasure, says Dr Kapil Kakar

In the hectic pace of urban life, one has several tasks and responsibilities to handle. The preoccupation with work may be so much at times that people living in the same house may not interact with each other. And then comes the time of festivities, as if bestowing on us, the opportunity to reconnect with our family and friends.

Festivals give us innumerable opportunities: Opportunity to mend relationships: Rebuild the sour relationships as there would be a high probability of coming face-toface with people, whom you may be avoiding because they may have hurt you or vice versa. Therefore, avail the festive mood to put all grievances and misunderstandings to rest.

Opportunity to open the door of communication: Since festivities give us time off work, they give us time to relax and communicate with family and loved ones. Avail this opportunity to spend quality time with your family, to talk and discuss and hear out their plans and things which they may have been wanting to share for long.

Opportunity to strengthen bonds: Use this time to tell your family members how much you love and care for them and how much you miss them even when you are not with them. The kind of emotions it rouses in people you love would also make you realize what beautiful feelings they have for you which perhaps because of your busy schedule, they have not been able to express.

Make it a memorable moment: Make this festive season a memorable one so that you and your family look back to this time with pleasure. It is about spending time, enjoying and sharing every happy moment with them, rather than giving them expensive gifts. This is the time of happiness and celebration, a time to get nostalgic with family members. It is the time to strengthen family ties and to hear out each other’s expectations.