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Do not be in hurry while meditating


Dr Kapil Kakar


While meditating one tends to fall in the trap of over-excitement and haste resulting in not being able to meditate blissfully. Following tips will help one attain bliss, says Dr Kapil Kakar

Meditation has been recognized as the most potent spiritual practice benefiting and enhancing ones life dramatically. It is a tool which attempts to transcend the person to eternity, and the bliss is so much that one perhaps wants to enjoy it forever, blissfully unaware about the duration of the meditative journey. Each session stands out as the milestone for the next meditative ecstasy and this is fairly addictive. One tends to fall into the trap of overexcitement and haste, resulting in not being able to meditate blissfully.

By doing the following prevent haste in meditation.

• Do not expect: Preconceived notions and ideas about the experiences of meditation from self or others actually takes one away from it. As one keeps hoping to see and feel what s/he wants to see, it is as good as thinking quietly rather than meditating. Therefore, one needs to be like a child oblivious, without expectations, of what one may experience.

• Do not compare: Each time one starts meditating one needs to acknowledge it as a unique session and start afresh. The thought of getting into the groove of blissful experience in the past slows down the progress and one gets fixated to an experience thereby loosing the opportunity of new experiences. Hence, avoid comparing.

• Auto suggest that you have all the time in the world: While meditating if one realizes that s/he is falling into the trap of haste of reaching the peak of bliss experienced in the past, start auto suggesting that

    “I have all the

    time in the

    world”, “I am

    born only to do

    this”, “My work

    in this life is just

    to meditate”,

    “I am here to know myself”, “God please reveal yourself to me”.

• Breathe as slowly as you can: To prevent haste from taking over one should breathe as slowly as one can. Take 5-7 seconds to inhale, take another 5 seconds to hold on to your breath and exhale in 5-7 seconds. Avoid doing this in 2-4 seconds and in case if one does it in 2-4 seconds it is another way of knowing one is in haste.