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Art of visualisation

                                                             By Kapil Kakar

Visualisation is a potent tool for actualisation of one\'s dreams. It helps secure our future by realising our unaccomplished desires, says Kapil Kakar

Sit cross-legged, close your eyes and relax. To ensure that you are not disturbed, switch off your mobile phone, lock your room, and if possible, put a “do not disturb” signage on your door. Now, relax and visualise the ideal situation you would like to be in. If you are visualising about work, visualise what you are wearing. Imagine travelling happily, with a smile on your face. See yourself reaching your office, punching in your access card, and reaching your seat. You are on the phone, speaking to clients who are very happy with your services. Similarly, visualise speaking with your boss. Imagine seeing your boss extremely satisfied with your performance and praising your efforts to the management. Visualise being promoted. Visualisation is a tool which will always help, no matter which field you are in — whether you are a professional, a businessman, or a housewife. You can use this tool for any ambit. And please don\'t stop visualising after your first success/promotion, the more you visualise, the more benefits you will reap out of it. Do it with the utmost faith, and while visualising, experience the entire process as if it is happening to you in reality. One needs to imagine even small things — like clothes we wear, our shoes, body language, etc — as we visualise. Gradually, while visualising, you will find new thoughts and ideas stimulating your mind, giving you creative and amazing ways of handling situations, which you would never have thought of before. One needs to visualise every day without fail for 15-20 minutes. Not doing it regularly, will yield no benefits. Also, for the first two to three days, while visualising, nothing may come to your mind or you may not enjoy doing it, but certainly from the fourth day you will start enjoying every moment of it.