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Communicating with Divinity

By Kapil Kakar

One tends to remember God, when one thinks he needs the Almighty the most i.e. at a time of difficulty. Most of the problems and difficulties that come upon us are created by other fellow human beings; and we try to either conquer the difficulty or the individual who we believe has caused it.

Praying the right way helps us overcome this situation.

Take out time to pray:

One need\'s to regularly take out time to pray. We don\'t forget to wear clothes or eat; similarly we should make prayer a part of our daily routine. Prayer is a way of communicating with God about our well being as well as our problems.

Morning or night is the best time - to communicate with God:

As such no time is auspicious or inauspicious; however, this period has been suggested, because at this time there is generally less commotion and external disturbance. This helps us to pray with better focus and concentration.

Mantra Diction and Pronunciation:

This is not as important as the intention and purpose for which we pray. Therefore, whichever mantra you chant, please do so with full devotion. Do not worry about the pronunciation, because if you are fully engrossed while praying, you will not be aware of the pronunciation part. This is because your mind would be on God and not on the mantra. One should realise that the mantra is a vehicle and not the destination. 

Pray to the soul of the person who you think has caused you problems: 

Definitely do not curse the person who has caused you the problem. Relax and pray to his soul to forgive you and apologize for your actions that have consciously or unconsciously hurt him. 

Pray not for the problem to disappear - but to grant you knowledge of the reason it arose in the first place. 

Thoughtless problems and solutions are temporary; however, thoughtful solutions are permanent. This is because when you realize the cause of the problem consciously, you would never want to repeat it and hence will never be intimidated by it. 

Lastly, pray for the entire world: 

That the problem which has troubled you, should not bother anyone else. End you prayer by asking the Almighty to bring peace and prosperity to everyone in this world.

Your way to success/ Resolving your Problem through Proactive praying 

Accept action is a form of Prayer: 

The day we realize action is a form of prayer, we will never have to pray again simply because we shall be praying always through our actions. This would mean we shall be surrendering all our acts, whether big or small, successful or unsuccessful to the omnipotent and omnipresent Divine who has given us the opportunity to act. 

Meditate over the problem or challenge: 

No action is perfect. Every material action has its fallouts, problems and challenges. After praying through your actions the whole day by surrendering your acts to the almighty - you will certainly have a few impediments that you would want to deal with effectively. The impediments that have come your way can be resolved by meditating over them.

Sit quietly in a place that assures complete peace till the time you have not got the answer. Meditate over the problem by just surrendering the problem to God. Also let the thoughts related to your impending problem keep coming naturally to you. After a while you will get a concrete direction and answer by the Divine. You also need to show patience and full faith in the whole exercise. 

Act on a Meditative Solution Indicator: 

Now the solution provided to you through your meditative approach will make you skeptical about the solution. Especially, if you are doing this for the first time. Therefore, please don\'t hesitate to evaluate and circumspect the solution given to you. To your surprise you will not only find the solution flawless but your evaluating it will help you get more involved in it. This will help you to even come out with a micro level solution. Of course once you have tried and tested this method you will never think of questioning it again. 

Implement the solution and surrender it to God: 

Once you have acted and implemented the solution with full energy and honesty, completely surrender your act to God and this time do not question the result. The result that you would get is what you shall deserve and not that you desire. Please remember human accounts can go wrong, God\'s accounts can never go wrong. This also means the result will depend upon the intensity with which you surrendered you actions to God and with what honesty you executed it. 

Thanking God: 

Now thank God for choosing you as a medium for executing what you executed so successfully and beautifully. 

The more you do this entire act of praying - the more aware you become of yourself and the Divine powers.