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Spiritual surgery

                                                       By Kapil Kakar

Spiritual surgery is a potent tool to heal people with intense medical problems. As this is spiritual in nature it\'s absolutely safe

Spiritual surgery can be done on oneself or by someone who has full faith in this tool and confidence to carry out the operation.

Step I:

Sit with palms facing upwards, spine straight and observe your breath. After five minutes connect to the person you\'re healing by thinking about him/her and seek permission for doing surgery on him/her.

Step II:

Invite the divine to help you perform the surgery successfully and focus on the affected part. It may be the joints, knees, heart, head, etc. Also, be ready with the tools in your mind, not necessarily, those used by surgeons. Tools can be a knife, spoon, fork, forceps, etc, anything that you think would be required.

Step III:

Seek permission of the divine to start the surgery and see a golden light entering through your head and spreading all over your body. Focus on the part that needs surgery. Cut the affected part with an imaginary knife, given to you by the Divine, and visualise the affected part as dark from inside. With a spoon start collecting the dark part and keep throwing it in an imaginary fire. Keep doing this till the time you see the inside of the body part as completely cleansed. If you think or know in advance, that something is broken, you can join the bone with adhesive, again provided by the Divine.

Step IV:

Put your hand over the affected area and imagine the golden light bestowed on you by the Divine, coming out of your hand and healing the desired body part. After a while, when the sensation is gone from your hand, start stitching the body part.

Step V:

Thank the Divine for being present throughout the surgery and guiding and blessing you. Thank the person for giving you the opportunity to serve him.
   Spiritual surgery may be performed on an individual several times. By the eighth time, the person is cured. It may be done once in a day. There should not be a long gap between the first and subsequent surgeries.

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