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Spiritual healing

                                                          By Kapil Kakar 

Spiritual healing is a very effective method to ensure faster recovery from illnesses. But for this, you need to have complete faith in yourself and this magical power of healing

We should not forget that we have all the resources within us to heal ourselves spiritually. The most important thing is to choose whether we want to use internal resources or depend on external factors.

Step I:

Sit erect, with hands outstreched towards the sky, and observe your breath. After a minute start inhaling and count the time it takes for you to breathe in fully (you can keep time by counting 1, 2, 3...). Suppose you inhale fully on the count of 5, hold the breath for the same time period and subsequently release it within the count. Repeat this at least 10 times.

Step II:

Invite the divine to help you heal your pain. Apologise to the affected body part for mistreating it and making it suffer because of your carelessness and promise you will never do it again. Remember that our body is beautifully designed and nothing can go wrong with it without our contribution, i.e. bad diet, overwork, etc. Say, "Oh God I need your blessing to heal self (the specific body part)." Keep saying this till you start feeling the subtle, yet potent healing energy entering through your hands. You\'ll feel a sensation in both hands.

Step III:

Focus on the part that you want to heal and visualise it as black in colour. It may be headache, bad stomach, ankle pain, etc. Keep your hands on the affected body part (say stomach) and feel the healing energy getting transferred to it. Simultaneously, visualise the affected black area slowly turning white and the body part coming back in harmony with the rest of the body.

Step IV:

Continue placing your hand on the affected body part till you feel the sensation in the hands has disappeared.
You may have to practise this healing twice a day, for three-four days, depending on the gravity of the disease. Finally, don\'t forget to thank the Divine.