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Intention the Soul

                                                           By Kapil Kakar

Actions with Intention are the key to Success. Intention here does not mean purpose but is the name of the subtle potent energy that ensures that purpose is accomplished.  This may ruminate and propel many, who understand the importance of karma/ action to go further in details of understanding the importance of intention in karma/action and successfully move ahead.

Say, in a profession, if one is diligently doing the act of sending letters or emails to the prospective customer and making them aware about his product or services, one may still not get the desired response. No doubt, one is doing his professional duty quiet nicely but still it may not click with Prospects. Similarly on the personal front, if an individual is good but does not put intention in his words his suggestions may not be taken too seriously.

Action without intention is like human body without soul. A lifeless Human body may continue to exist but will not be able to carry out any earthly acts. Similarly, any act done without the energy of intention may not yield appropriate results.

Step I At the time of discharging duty, one needs to create the craving of doing it at the earliest by showing the mind the usefulness of his actions. This ensures when one starts the work, he is full of energy and ready to go. Similarly, for social engagement one need\'s to prepare self by asking same questions that one anticipates could be asked during the discussion.

Step II Write every word with the intention that certainly one will get the response from the person, one is writing to. This way we are creating immense subtle energy of interest and response in the letter. Similarly, at a social engagement when one is putting across one\'s concern, energize every word with the intention that people around, will be able to comprehend and appreciate what one said.   

Step III Remain in the positive state of mind about what one has just written or said, has been understood, as it is without being colored in any way. And wait for the Positive response or a feedback.

By following these three steps one has been able to put the potent intention in his deeds and have allowed it to vibrate with the minds of that level. Thereby, attracting them to understand and appreciate what he wants to put across. Therefore, please remember along with carrying out ones constructive good actions it is equally important to inject them with potent intention.