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Joy through Detachment

                                                          By Kapil Kakar

Detachment does not mean renouncing the world and living in recluse. Paradoxically, it makes one more aware, less prejudice and helps person appreciate his family, friends and work even more. Detachment brings more peace and joy in one\'s life and not to forget the most sort after materialistic things by default, since, one does not give attention to materialistic things and keeps doing his duty, then materialistic things starts running after him.

Contemplate- Ask yourself what has attachment given me? It surely has given temporary satisfaction and happiness, that too, when one would have achieved his desired objective. Now contemplate also on the cost that one had to give for temporary good results. The cost may have been in form of worry, stress, restlessness, agony, pain, and heart-breaks. Evaluate, the short term happiness may come at the cost of one\'s health and even life.

Duty- Start looking at work and relationships as a duty towards God that one needs to perform. One\'s objective should be giving one\'s 100 % passionately (which one has already being doing) but from now on for God. This would mean, if one comes tired from work and spouse and children wish to go out for dinner, then, one need to forget his exhaustion and go out for dinner with the family, as a duty towards God. The result would be that one\'s family is also happy with him and also one realizes and appreciates the larger context of one\'s act.

Laws of Nature- One need to perform all his duties not only towards God but without any expectations. Surely, actions are in our hands but not the results of action. Therefore, instead of expecting the desired results, one should get detached from them and have full faith in God and His Laws. Acknowledge the fact that Laws of Nature are equal for every one of us and one get what one deserves and not what one desires.

Surrender- before Going to bed every day, surrender all the prescribed duties, performed during the day to God. Visualize surrendering your day\'s entire act on God\'s feet and seeking his blessings that you may always walk on this new path of detachment and serve him always. If one understands the act of surrender than one would not rejoice upon achieving something pleasant or lament upon receiving something unpleasant and this is true detachment.