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Attempt to Know God

By Kapil Kakar

God has given us everything right from subtle Mind and Intelligence, which helps a person to think and discriminate to the gross body, which helps us implement what we feel and think. But He has kept one important fundamental thing hidden from us, that which forms basis of our lives, which is master of everything and it is realization about ourselves i.e. Real Us. And God has done it successfully by giving us all Ego that makes us imagine distinctively that we are separate from one another. It is this realization that keeps us away from God i.e. Ego. He expects us to work towards it and get rid of the ego and explore ourselves.

Everyone would love God the creator if they are proved by God that He exists. And probably people will love Him wholeheartedly but than one may also understand this fact that people will love God for their on selfish reasons and God certainly does not want that. Also He does not want to impose himself on others/ His children as he wants them to discover themselves about Him through Karma/ Actions. He wants us to ponder firstly about his existence than moving on to the next step about knowing him and thereafter following the path of knowing him. The moment we know Him we become a realized Soul and come to know our true nature, which does not have any sex, which is away from competition, and prejudice without any opinion or judgments.

To know God-:

Give up your comforts - Wake and get out of your Comfort Zone. Comforts of seeing your own conveniences, comforts of expecting desired results, comforts of hoping that things will change without having to work without it. Whatever you do should be done with an intention of surrendering your actions to God and not for yourselves. The five senses are also God\'s creation and you are also his creation than how can we forget our creator though we are working through his weapons.

Create the urge to know God - We are in this world and we should try to know first of all our purpose for being here. Question yourself who am I? What am I doing here? Where did I come from? Who is my Master? What can my master expect from me? The best way to know the answers is to look within yourself and get obsessed by these questions till you find an answer. And this is not easy because the kind of worldly attractions we have around us will discourage us from knowing and thinking about the above questions because you might feel stupid why is it I need to know this. Look at others they are not bothered about it. Yes others are not bothered because they are Slaves of their Desires those desires that never end though they die.

Remember what ever you do in life is contagious - you may find your self out of place as people will not have the urge to know those questions but slowly you would be with people who will have the same urge and than you will find that you are not the only one who wanted to know but there are many like you. There was an experiment performed on the University students (smokers& non smokers) in USA. When the smokers were asked what percentage of students they thought smoke and the answer was 70%. When Non smokers were asked what percentage of students did not smoke the answer was 80%. Than the researchers found that smokers used to be in few areas of the campus especially near the vicinity of stores, which sold cigarettes and since they use to see many students around them they assumed 70% smoke. Similarly the non- smokers seldom used to go where smokers were and they also used to seen in large numbers at particular places and they also assumed that 80% of the students don\'t smoke. This is precisely what happens, an individual with the urge for God and real questions of life. If he thinks about God he discourages himself as he believes that around him no one is interested in such stupid questions than why should I. Similarly when your urge grows to know God which is actually fundamentals of life you will be surrounded by people who also have the same urge to know God and are far away from materialism and that is the time you will get assurance that there are many others who think like others. Try it; you will succeed all the best.