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Festivity gives us an opportunity to express and spread affection. This is the time to take a break from daily routine and tell people around you how much you care for them, says Dr Kapil Kakar

Festivity gives us the best opportunity to not only showcase one’s love for others, but to also spread it around. This is the time to express and spread affection and to tell people around you how much you care for them. One should use this time as a break from the daily life pattern and use it to discover self by spreading love and taking the same back in abundance, thereby, having a better happiness quotient.


Invite people to your home and be as warm and hospitable as you can be. This gives them a feeling of being wanted and respected. It is all about touching their hearts and making them feel important and perhaps giving them a chance to truly reciprocate emotions in a similar way.

Personalize Gifts:

Present people with gifts which they would actually cherish rather than what you think could be distributed and given to everybody. This act brings in a personal touch and suggests to them at a subconscious level, how much you thought about them before buying the gift for them, invariably reflecting your love and regard for them. The value of love is not indicated by how expensive a gift is but by your feelings behind buying the gift.


To show and spread genuine love during festivity, just become selfless for a change as if you are a mere puppet in the hands of people who love you. Conform unconditionally and do it for their happiness even if it does not make too much sense to you. Things done unconditionally and with innocence are divine and completely devoid of selfish behaviour.


Take this opportunity for not being critical of things around you and enjoy every second with delight. Have fun like a child who is devoid of judgments and expectations. Observe every act of people around with positivism and appreciation. Make people around you laugh and yearn to spend more time with you as if you are the symbol of love and fun.


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